“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday” That is the motto of the United States Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Forces – commonly known as SEALs. Whether it is conducting clandestine missions behind enemy lines or tracking down Osama bin Laden, the history of this elite fighting force is one of legendary achievements.

To become a Navy SEAL in the Naval Special Warfare/Naval Special Operations (NSW/NSO) community, the recruit must first go through what is widely considered to be the most physically and mentally demanding military training in existence.

For years, the dropout rate of cadets was nearly seventy five percent. As commanders studied the results of their training, they were puzzled by which candidates could succeed and which ones could not. It wasn’t always the strongest who survived. Researchers soon found that in addition to physical strength, mental toughness was also required. Specifically, the ability to control fear was essential to successful completion of SEAL training.

The recruit must rely on his training to overcome his fear and resolve the problems and remain under water. They must not panic. They must remain calm and stay under water for the full twenty minutes if they want to become a Navy SEAL.

The Navy identified four specific skill sets that can help the soldier overcome their fears; Goal Setting, Mental Rehearsal, Self Talk and Arousal Control.

Navy SEALs learn that they can train their brains to overcome basic instinctual fears with the same techniques you and I can use in our everyday selling activities. Find out how the Navy SEALs can conquer their fears and accomplish their difficult missions. You can start using these very same techniques today to accomplish your important missions in life.

The pass rate of recruits improved more than 32% when the Navy SEALs learned to master these four techniques. The Navy SEALs train and use these skills every day because their lives depend on it.

Sales Training Like a Navy SEAL

You can order an interactive audio video webinar to introduce your to the same four skill sets that help improve the pass rate for SEAL recruits.

The workshop consists of an on-site presentation, with worksheets and templates to help your team start using these four skills immediately. The on-site workshop includes follow up webinars to track the progress of your team.

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