Moneyball Your Sales Team

Moneyball Your Sales Team

In 2003, Michel Lewis released the book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.

The central premise of Moneyball is that the collective wisdom of baseball insiders (including players, managers, coaches, scouts, and the front office) over the past century is subjective and often flawed.

Billy Beane and the Oakland As introduced a more sophisticated analyses of baseball statistics. By using statistics instead of subjective opinion to pick players, the A’s could field a competitive team on a small budget that had a 20-game winning streak in 2002, and made it to the playoffs.

The real lesson of Moneyball is decision making is risky and expensive. Decision making is often flawed by unrecognized bias that tricks us into thinking we’re right when we are very wrong. To make better decisions, you need to reduce your reliance on emotional factors when making important decisions. Continue reading “Moneyball Your Sales Team”

What Kind of Radio Do You Drive

My Radio was due for an oil change the other day so I took it into the dealership for some service. While I was waiting on the service department to work on my Radio, I walked through the showroom looking at all of the beautiful new Radios. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you sit behind the wheel of a brand new Radio for the very first time. It’s so clean and shiny. The leather is soft to the touch. And the smell of a new Radio gets to me every time. Continue reading “What Kind of Radio Do You Drive”

The Miracle of Miracle Whip

The Miracle of Miracle Whip

The poet and song writer Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a changin’ in the 1960s but the message still rings true today for local business owners. Everything is changing at such a rapid pace it’s difficult to keep up. But as Dylan sang, “If your time to you is worth savin’ then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone”, that is good advice today. Here is a story about how one company responded to the changing customer needs and grew into a powerhouse brand today. Continue reading “The Miracle of Miracle Whip”

Target Marketing Flying to New Heights

Hilton Garden Inn

I’ve been flying for a very long time. Not as long as some folks but I was a frequently flyer back when they still let people smoke cigarettes on the plane. Back in those days, the airports did not offer many amenities. In many airports there was only one dining opportunity. Today, the airports have all of the major fast food chains and even some upscale restaurants. Not to mention all of the retail outlets. There is a Brooks Brothers in Terminal D at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Continue reading “Target Marketing Flying to New Heights”

The Two Worlds of the Sales Person

Work Life Balance

You live in two worlds. The first is your personal world, the world of your family and personal life. The second is the business world, the world of your customers, your products and services. You’ve heard how important it is to leave your work at the office. “Don’t take your work problems home at night.” It’s not good for you or your family. On the other hand, you should not bring your personal world into your work world. Continue reading “The Two Worlds of the Sales Person”

The Zone of Doubt and Blame

Zone of Doubt and Blame

Your new customer, the one you worked so hard to sell, the one that loved their commercial, the one you were so proud of, just called and cancelled their advertising. You sit there stunned, speechless, wondering what just happened.  Why did the customer, all of a sudden, decide to cancel without warning? Chances are your new customer found themselves in The Zone of Doubt and Blame. Continue reading “The Zone of Doubt and Blame”