Sales Training Like a Navy SEAL

Sales Training Like a Navy SEAL

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

3:00 pm central time

Sponsored by the Missouri Broadcasters Association

The Navy SEALs proudly stand and defend our nation from danger. They represent America's finest.

For years, the failure rate of Navy SEAL cadets was 75%! Three out of four volunteers failed to make the grade. The Navy wanted to learn why the training was so difficult. It wasn't the size or the strength of the cadet that made the difference, it was mental toughness that set the successful cadets apart from the others.

The Navy wanted to understand why. After exhaustive research, the Navy came up with a new mental toughness training routine that improved the pass rate by 33%! The Navy calls the new mental toughness training, The Big Four:

  • Goal Setting
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Positive Self Talk
  • Arousal Control

This webinar will help you apply the same mental toughness training to your everyday sales efforts. You'll leave the webinar with at least one great idea you can start using right away. You'll also receive four handouts to help you reinforce the new training for the rest of your selling career.

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