Sales Training Like a Navy SEAL Sample




For years, the dropout rate of SEAL cadets was 75%. Only one in four cadets could pass BUD training, Basic Underwater Demolition training. The fear of not being able to breath is an instinctual fear, a basic survival fear, difficult for most cadets to overcome.

As commanders studied the results of their training, they were puzzled by which candidates could succeed and which ones could not. It wasn’t always the strongest who survived. Researchers soon found that in addition to physical strength, mental toughness was also required. Specifically, the ability to control fear was essential to successful completion of SEAL training.

The Navy identified four specific skill sets that can help the cadet overcome their fears, they call them The Big Four. The selling equivalent is in parentheses.

Goal Setting (Goal Setting)
Mental Rehearsal (Role Playing)
Self-Talk (Positive Mental Attitude)
Arousal Control (Overcoming Call Reluctance)
When the Navy implemented The Big Four in the training, the pass rate of recruits improved more than 32% when they learned how to overcome their fears with these four training techniques. The Navy SEALs train and use these skills every day because their lives depend on it.

Sales Training Like a Navy SEAL is a one-hour webinar, free to your members. The webinar offers attendees step-by-step instructions, the very same instructions used by the Navy SEALs. Each attendee will receive a download packet with printed suggestions that they can start using immediately in their daily sales activities.


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