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All too often, people approach advertising by focusing on the product of advertising, TV, Digital, Radio, Direct Mail or any of the hundreds of other advertising options.

We advocate a process that is based on thousands of case studies of local and regional advertisers who experience better ROI on their advertising investment when, they focus on the process of advertising, not the product of advertising.

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The Four Keys to Advertising Success is a one-hour guide to successful local advertising strategies written specifically for the small business owner.

"A Short, helpful, profound book that documents the pitfalls as well as the principles of local advertising. Groupon groupies, in particular, should read The Four Keys." - Al Ries, co-author, War in the Boardroom

It's a step-by-step guide to help small business owners avoid becoming victims of "marketing malpractice." Confused by all the competing claims advertising vendors make, small business owners all too often learn about advertising by costly trial and error.

"It's an easy to read book that pulls together a lot of good thinking that is invaluable for operating in a very competitive world." - Jack Trout, author, Repositioning

Based on his research that identified four key elements always present in successful advertising campaigns, veteran advertising executive Spike Santee presents proven common-sense techniques used by thousands of satisfied small business owners. 

"If I were a media rep I'd buy this book and give it to every one of my customers to help them understand what works and why when it comes to making their advertising succeed." - B. Eric Rhoads, Publisher RADIO INK magazine

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Don't waste your hard earned money on another costly advertising mistake. Learn what successful advertisers know about the process of advertising. Your price is just $9.95 and your download will begin immediately. 

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